Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployments creates and environment of less bug by running test against all commits to a codebase.

The aim of this post is to set up a CI/CD pipeline with Github Actions so that every commit made to the master branch will trigger a set of actions to run against our code and deploy to Elastic Beanstalk if all actions pass. the code base will be below…

If there is ever a need to start up multiple containers to support an application, docker-compose will in most cases be the best tool for the job. Docker-compose allows one or more containers to be built and ran at the same time. This greatly reduces the time of changing into…

Topics Covered

  • Building Docker Image for NodeJS Server
  • Starting MiniKube VM
  • Build K8S Using These Docker Images

Building Docker Image

Docker is possibly the greatest technology I will ever learn. I started getting familiar with Docker in 2018, but my knowledge exploded all through 2019. During that year, I was working as a full time…

As a fun project and a useful tool to see the power of an API, I decided to build a Go project that overloads any API. The reason I chose to use Go instead of Java, JS, or even Python was because Goroutines are incredibly low cost and fast. …


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